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Photographic Study

The latex skin was, eventually, removed from the model and the arms and head sown on to it. I then photographed the image – which was supported by wires – first against a white background




















                                      Fig. 5                            Fig. 6




                                      Fig. 7                             Fig. 8




                               Fig. 9                 Fig.  10                  Fig. 11   





















                                                              Fig. 12                   Fig. 13                  Fig. 14














                                                        Fig. 15



(Figs. 5-8, as examples) and then using a blue light from one direction and a white light from the other (Figs. 9-19, as examples). I chose poses that I felt were appropriate for what I had in mind.



                                 Fig. 16                Fig. 17                Fig. 18




Fig. 19

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