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Pandora Layton

Pandora was born in Norfolk, England, in 1995. She attended Gresham's School, Holt, where she held the Fishmonger's Fine Art Scholarship, before going up to Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 2016 with a BA (Hons) in History. Whilst at Trinity, she founded the college’s Fine Art Society, becoming its first President, and was commissioned by the college to paint two large works. She also acted as an illustrator for the university student magazine, TravistyFollowing working as an illustrator for a London company, she received a Thriplow Scholarship to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Painting at the University of the Arts London, before completing a Master of Research degree in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art. In 2021, she received a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from University College London. 


Selected Group Exhibitions:


2019 Royal College of Art M.Res Making Public show, Hockney Gallery, London, UK

2019 Reachers show, Blyth Gallery, London, UK

2019 Exhibited drawings at the WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2018 Wimbledon College of Arts MA End of Year Show, London, UK

2018 62 HandsLewisham Arthouse, London, UK

2013 Nicholson Gallery, Holt, UK


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