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Professional Practice: Collaborations

In March this year (2018), I participated in a workshop (Resistant Bodies) with Phoebe Davies and Nandi Bhebhe. Davies had reached out to Bhebhe after mutual friends had suggested they meet and discuss their respective practices. This meeting ultimately led to Bhebhe’s talents as an actor, dancer and choreographer and Davies’ skills as an artist and producer, merging together, leading to many shared projects and exhibitions. The collaboration undoubtedly enriched both their work, as they were able to feed off each other’s creative initiative. Following hearing this story, I realized the importance of reaching out to artists and organizations who share common goals or interests as myself. As I saw with Bhebhe and Davies, collaboration allows two people to utilize their talents and foster work development, both in its content and in its public reach. With some relationships established, and others waiting to be initiated, I intend to suggest projects which could be worked on together and projected into public spaces. With more research (much of which I hope to obtain through my MRes course this coming academic year), I would like to propose projects to universities and institutions, with a personal favourite choice being the University of Cambridge. The university uses its prestigious library as a space to hang exhibitions which invite conversation and celebrate the wealth of information and material that they hold (see below for some examples). I hope to one day show how medieval de-humanization is prevalent in modern day society, and, using the library’s many resources, would delight in showcasing this. I would also like to collaborate with museums, such as the Fitzwilliam and the British Museums, pursuing a similar goal of raising awareness of de-humanization through art and literature. I also intend to put forward a proposal to the Wellcome Trust and other, smaller charities. 

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